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Windscreen Replacement

vehicle windscreen replacement

London car windscreen offers a comprehensive windscreen replacement service. Our high quality service will fulfill your requirements related to any windscreen replacement issues. We guarantee delivery of top quality car windscreen replacement service, with right material, in right place, and right time. We deal with any type of car windscreen replacement issues and we have solutions to any problem related to your car windscreen.

London Car Windscreen with several years of experience is one of the leading companies specialized in windscreen replacement service in London offering the cheapest price for the best quality. We operate 24-Hours and 7-days.

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Car windscreen replacement service

“Your Car Windscreen is a Safety Device” “Your Windscreen Can Save Your Life”

Accidents are inevitable. Sometimes the impact of an accident could be enormous that causes massive damage to your car windscreen and glass. This would require a full windscreen replacement in order to keep the safety of your vehicle and provide safety and protection to your passengers.

Several types of damage could lead to a windscreen replacement. This could be due to an irreparable crack or heavy impact that leads to complete damage. Not all chips or cracks are created equal. Your damaged windscreen may require a full replacement. Upon a physical inspection, one of London car windscreen’s trained technicians will advise you of the best possible car windscreen replacement options.

If the car windscreen damage is more severe than a major chip or crack, or if the crack is in the driver’s line of vision, then most likely that your car windscreen will require replacement and we will recommend a windscreen replacement.

nissan juke front windscreen replacement

Windscreen replacement procedure

At London car windscreen we use only the best quality car glass and car windscreen. First of all we will provide the right parts based on the car specification provided by our customers. All the parts are manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and we have access to the largest  supplier of automotive windscreens and car glass in London. No matter what vehicle you drive we have a windscreen solution for you.

Our technicians are extensively trained to provide car glass and windscreen replacement service that meet MOT rules (criteria to pass) and British Standards.

The method to replace car windscreen is simple and hassle-free and can be done in a short time. The car windscreen replacement procedure is explained as a case done by the technicians:

1. First, the car windscreen specifications are obtained from the customer. The specifications include: Car make, and car registration number. Based on the specification, we get the right parts and windscreen for your vehicle.

2. On the appointment day our technician will prepare your vehicle. The preparation include: Protecting surrounding bodywork and performing a pre-inspection. The pre-inspection activity is carried out to find out if your car windscreen requires replacement.

3. Then the plastic surround side (ornamental strips) and top mouldings are removed correctly. And  also all the fixtures on the inside of the glass, the rear view mirror, light sensor, rain sensor, tax holder, and everything attached to the car windscreen will be removed.

Windscreen strip removal

4. Next, all the exterior trims will be carefully removed. This include mainly removal of your car windscreen wiper.

Windscreen wipers removal

5. Clips and lower covers are removed.

Windscreen clips removal

6. A special tool is used to cut the urethane from the outside between the windscreen and the pinch-weld. The blade cuts the adhesive caulking compound around the windscreen.

Car Windscreen removal

7. The damaged windscreen will be discarded. We take them to special recycling place.

Car Windscreen discarded

8. Next the pinch-weld is prepared. Any visible dirt is cleaned away with a brush and then plain water. The old urethane needs to be trimmed down to about 3mm thick.

Windscreen frame preparation

9. The brand new windscreen is prepared with a primer specially matched to the urethane adhesive.

Image 1

10. Then the urethane (bonding agent) is applied to the around edge (the aperture) of the windscreen with an electric caulking gun.

Image 2

11. Next, the windscreen is installed carefully. The windscreen is pushed carefully into the sealant and making sure the ornamental strips align with the body. 

Image 4

12. A very strong sort of tape is applied. It is used to prevent the window from slowly moving downwards while the sealant dried. It is normally removed one day later when the sealant fully hardened.

Image 6

From start to finish, it normally takes between 60 to 120 minutes to finish the job. But the time varies depending on type of your car windscreen being installed.

Caution: Do not drive your vehicle for 2 hours after installation of the new windscreen and do not wash your windscreen for 24 hours.

Safety & Quality in windscreen replacement

We will do our best to clean the car after the car glass has been replaced. We will clean it in a way that is safe for the client to drive. However it is still important that the client gets a car wash after the procedure, in order to ensure that the vehicle is fully cleaned.

London car windscreen provides a high quality service with quality brand parts (sealants and bonding materials) to ensure that the new glass holds fast to the vehicle’s body. We further offer a lifetime guarantee on the glass and windscreen that we install on your car. This proves that we are committed to providing you with the best quality and cheap service, with the best car windscreen replacement that money can buy.

London car windscreen provides a quality and guarantee service with every car glass replacement so that customers have full peace of mind.

The correct and accurate installation of your car windscreen is our priority and is crucial to the structural strength of your vehicle and to your and your passengers safety. In the event of an accident, your car windscreen and side panel glass units are strong and rigid enough to protect you from serious injuries. We will ensure that correct installation will remain rigid and keep you and family safe.

How can you access to our service?

Your time is valuable. We understand. It’s no surprise that London car windscreen is one of the most preferred car glass, windscreen replacement companies in London. Our Customer service specialists and technicians will make any kind of vehicle and car windscreen replacement and car door glass window replacement scheduling process painless and without hassle.

We can accommodate even the most demanding schedules with flexible drive in service to any of your conveniently placed locations with our mobile service that brings our glass replacement technicians right to your doorstep. With London car windscreen, your car windscreen replacement will be of the highest quality and convenience.

We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year service, so all you need to do is book an online appointment to get a cheap quote or contact our customer service.