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Rear Screen Replacement

Car back screen glass replacementCar rear window screen replacement

Choosing London car windscreen will fulfill and satisfy your expectation of high quality service in car rear window screen replacement. We offer a complete car rear window screen replacement service.

We can ensure that you are dealing with one of the London’s leading car windscreen and car rear window screen replacement service provider company. We guarantee delivery of top quality service, with right material, in right place, and right time. We deal with any types of problem related to car rear window screen and glass, such as car glass replacement and car rear window screen replacement.

London car windscreen with several years of experience is based in London and provides any car windscreen and car rear window screen replacement and car glass replacement services with offering cheapest quote price for the best quality it provides. We operate 24-Hours and 7-days.

For any enquiry contact London Car Windscreen on:

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London car rear window screen replacement policy

“Your Car Rear Screen is a Safety Device” “Your rear screen Can Save Your Life”

Car rear screens are not manufactured the same as car windscreens. Therefore due to toughened glass and the heater elements used in most modern car rear screen glass, unlike windscreens, rear screens will need replacement if they become damaged. Replacing your car rear windscreen is not much different than replacing front windscreens.

At  London car rear screen replacement, we believe that all vehicles on roads should be driven with strong and safe screen and glass. Yours is no exception. We will provide you with such a great service that you never forget that. Let our technicians fix your car rear screen or any glass and screen related to your car, bringing safety and having stress-free driving to you. Try us out today and enjoy the experience with us.

Car rear screen replacement procedure

At London car windscreen we use only the best quality car glass and rear screen manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, we ensure that the glass we install is as good as the original piece of glass we receive from the best car glass suppliers.

London car windscreen has access to the best quality supplier of automotive rear screen and car glass in London. No matter what vehicle you drive we have a right rear screen and car glass solution for you.

Our technicians are fully trained to provide car glass and rear screen replacement that meet MOT rules (criteria to pass) and British Standards.

The method to replace car rear screen is simple and hassle-free and can be done in a short time. The car rear screen replacement procedure is explained as a case done by the technicians:

1. All the wires that are connected to your car rear window (rear screen) defroster will be disconnected. Then the rear screen window trim and the weatherstrip seal will be removed.

2. A special tool (with sharp edge knife) will be used to slide along the perimeter of your old car rear screen glass which will cut out and separate the old caulking and weatherstripping and also remove the old adhesive and urethane around the rear screen. Urethane rubber is very strong, so this process may take awhile.

3. From inside the old rear screen glass will be tapped and pressed up. This will loosen the rear screen up from the seal. The glass will be removed easily once it is fully detached from the frame. Then the rear screen will be lifted from outside.

4. A blade will be used to cut away all the remaining urethane and any debris out of the rear screen glass frame. There should not be any leftover urethane present as this weakens the integrity of the rear screen mount.

5. The urethane primer will be applied to the rear screen glass frame then it will be left until it get dried.

6. Then the urethane caulking will be loaded into caulking gun. Then a thin bead of urethane will be spread along the inside of the rear screen window frame (The width of the urethane bead is the width of the small finger).

7.  Finally the new rear screen window will be lifted into the window frame lining up the window’s edges onto the bead of caulk. The caulk need to dry in a warm and dry place for at least 24 hours.

Car rear screen replacement Safety and quality

Safety and quality are the most important factors that London car windscreen considers as its priority. We are responsible for your car rear screen glass replacement from beginning to the end of the process, delivering a high quality rear screen window replacement service to our customers and to meet their entire requirements. At the end of the job, we ensure that inside of your vehicle, and also outside of your vehicle where glass bits are scattered in the place around the vehicle will be cleaned up. This is for the safety of you and the people who walks close to the place where the screen glass bits are scattered.

Our technician at London car windscreen complete the job with best quality rear screen glass to ensure that the new rear screen glass sticks fast to the rear window frame and stays permanently. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the car rear screen window glass replacement service. This means that we are fully responsible to provide you with the highest quality service, with cheap and reasonable price service, in the right time and right place with the best car rear screen replacement service that money can buy.

Our aim is to make sure that our customers have peace of mind after the complete service was delivered to the customer. This is carried out by correct installation and accurate lining up of your car rear screen and totally this is important to the structural strength of your vehicle, you, and your passengers safety.

In the event of accident, your car rear screen is strong and rigid enough to protect the people inside your vehicle.