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Hints and Tips for Car Glass

  • Do not ignore chips on your car windscreen or car glass. Chip will sooner or later develop into a crack, resulting in an MOT test failure and costly fully windscreen replacement
  • After installing a new rear screen or windscreen, do not drive your car for 2 hours. The urethane glue which used to stick the screen to the car frame must dry and do not wash your windscreen for 24 hours
  • After installing new windscreen and rear screen, drive with closed windows especially in motorways. Because when driving in motorway with open windows, the pressure of the air coming to your car will push out the new rear screen glass or windscreen and will detach the screen from the car frame and this can be very dangerous
  • A correctly installed windscreen makes up 20% – 30% of your vehicle’s frontal structural strength and it is for this reason it must be replaced to a high standard to ensure your and your passengers safety.
  • It is an offence and against law, when driving with a chipped or cracked windscreen
  • It is an offence to drive with defects and technical problems in windscreen wipers and washer bottles
  • Fill up your windscreen washer bottle regularly. An empty washer bottle could end with a £1,000 fine and three points on your driving license
  • Screen wash is not only used to prevent freezing water on your car windscreen in the winter, it is also good for washing and cleaning away dirt and insects from your vehicle windscreen too
  • Adding washing-up liquid to your windscreen wash bottle can damage your car windscreen wipers and leave a potentially dangerous film on the car windscreen
  • You need to change your windscreen wiper blades every 6 months. Rubber become progressively worse over time when exposed to different weather temperatures

Hints & Tips for your car safety and security

  • When leaving your car never leave valuable things (money, credit cards, debit cards, jewelry, and etc) on display in your car
  • When leaving your car, make sure that all the doors, windows, boot, and sunroof are closed and locked. Do not leave your car doors and windows  open and unlocked even for a short time
  • When leaving your vehicle make sure that you remove and take the car key
  • Do not forget to set up your immobilizer if it doesn’t do so automatically
  • Always use security devices, such as steering lock, brake pedal lock, and etc. The harder you make the chance for a thief, the more you secure your vehicle and its safety
  • Any objects that may seem worthless to you, it can be valuable to a thief. Therefore they may be tempted to break your car glass window just for something worthless
  • Some devices can be detached from your car like CD player, SatNav. Always remove them before leaving your car
  • It is advisable to mark all equipment inside your car with an invisible property marker pen. Always make a note of any serial numbers, you may refer to them later
  • Even when you are driving, keep valuables out of sight. Keep all doors locked and windows closed. Thieves can open your car door and snatch handbags and other valuables while you are stuck in traffic
  • Your vehicle registration documents and personal correspondence should not be kept inside your vehicle and always be kept separately from your car. They help thieves to sell your vehicles and even identify your living address

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